I want to learn how to pull traffic from Pinterest

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    Nov 3, 2012
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    Hello people,
    First i want to ask: Is it too late to jump on that train ?
    I have pinterest account 2 weeks now. Over 3k followers, Im pinning, liking, commenting. Everything but re-pining other people stuffs, bcause i don't want when someone come on my board to repin something that isn't mine.
    I use PinPal bot, very useful program. I also created 2 other accounts ( from same ip, is it problem ? ) Getting followers there too.
    Im doing it right ? What else I need to do, because at the moment im getting like 50-150 UV daily from there. Earning from adsense 1.50$ AVG.
    Do I need to create more accounts ? I will appreciate any advice and give " thanks" !
    Best wishes people !
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    May 17, 2011
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    That's the best thing you can do mate, even if the API has changed keep making those accounts and scaling up - grab a bot like PinPioneer and keep getting them unique visits daily I laugh at people who focus to get "2,000" likes on their Facebook page those are just numbers with no conversions at all as Facebook keep 90% of their traffic on-site whereas Pinterest have over 70% going out.

    Pinterest & Tumblr are the ones that should be used if you're looking for conversions - if you decide to spend too much time on Twitter junk traffic & Facebook then I'm afraid you'll be wasting your time unless you have really big numbers like some of my pages 800K / 60K then it's worthwhile otherwise no. Good luck!
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