I want to JV with 1-2 members on creative idea. Looking for webdesigner and copywriter

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    I'm looking partners for joint venture on creative Idea I have in mind.

    Who am I?
    I'm 24 years old European with 8 years of experience of managing wide range of projects. My speciality is thinking outside the box. I think of profitable ideas in area I'm passionate about and implement them to make cash. Creative thinking is what drives me. I read a lot. Learn and find my own methods to profit from whatever I am motivated by.

    What is this method about?
    This method is a form of a review service for businesses who sell a product or a service

    My experience
    Delegating teams. A lot of teams. Read below

    Running game servers for games such as Lineage2 and Runescape.
    Education courses for grown ups on proper usage of computer and internet, social media, word, excel, writing emails, YT, FB, browsing... etc
    Managing online forum communities in gaming niches
    Deploying and installing fiberoptic networks
    Telephone marketing
    Data entry
    Server management (setting up and maintenance)
    Software development (proper coded high performance)
    Automated software development (proper coded high performance bots)
    Email marketing (mailing in bulk, newsletters)
    On set Photo shooting and video production. Photoshop, After effects, Sony vegas.

    List goes on and on. You'd be surprised :eek:
    Point is I know a lot and have a broad skills set. This allows me to come up unique methods making good bank.

    What kind of partners am I looking for?
    I'm looking for one or two people. Guy or a girl. Doesn't matter. Can be two individuals. Better if it's one.
    I'm seeking LONG TERM partnership. Start small, grow big. Split in % of profit.

    Be passionate! I only work with trustworthy people I can befriend and do interesting projects with regularly.
    We work together, discuss plans and motivate each other when shit happens (and it always does).

    Be passionate in what you do. Only contact me if you are looking for a long term partnership for months or years to come. I'm not eager to work with someone who'd do a poor job and only wants to make a quick buck on my expense.

    Skills set requested?
    #1 Experienced Copywriter
    Have extensive knowledge of advertisement and marketing. Know how to attract people and get their attention. Know how to persuade them into taking desired action. What text to use. How to phrase it. What graphics to use as a stimulaiPhrases, trigger words.

    #2 Experienced Webdesigner.
    We need a good looking website for visitors to land on. Graphics, fonts, element positioning, overall lookout. You are asked to make a good looking website that ends up with visitors pressing that orange BUY NOW button :)

    Please have experience. Be good at what you do. Be passionate at what you do.
    Be mature. Be ready to work.

    Send me a message with a short introduction on pm.
    If I like you we'll get to know each other better on skype.

    Deal breaker: Be ready to disclose your real identity once we get acquainted.
    We'll be using our real names. No aliases. I do not work with people I do not know.
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    Still looking for copywriters on various projects.

    Project #1 Passive income: you do copywriting for the site and collect % of profit long term while rest of the team does all the work
    Project #2 Mix of passive and active income: you do copywriting for the site and collect % + do copywriting weekly for additional profit

    Send a pm if interested: skype ID zeonkreon
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    upstate ny
    I'm interested, sent a pm via skype