i want to join a blog network of 800 blogs, how many links a day should i drip feed?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by JohnyJ, Jan 17, 2012.

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    Hi all

    i'm about to join a blog network of 800 sites, 600 of them are pr2. the other 200 are all pr3+.

    last month i built 80 links into my site
    this month i may have over done it, i think i've built about 300 links (different types wiki, edu, web 2.0, article submission, social bookmarks) and were only halfway through the month.

    I was thinking of getting them to post my links to 20 sites every day so i would gain another 200 links this month and 600 contextual links next month.
    the only problem i have with this is i will need to add different types of links next month so it looks more natural. I'm worried i'l gain too many links too quickly. If i add more links such as web 2.0 and article submissions next month i'l probably end up with 800 new links.

    my site is 5 years old and has a total of 800 reffering domains according to majestic seo.

    should i go with 20 a day or would it be alot safer to just do 10? i'm trying to get results as quickly as possible, will it not be an issue how many links i build a month as long as i build a similar quantity for all the following months?

    I've had some great results so far and i'm hoping this will help me get on to first page all my competition are joined to blog networks, you can tell.

    i'd like to thank anyone who gives their opinion on this and anyone thats helped me in the past. I've got better results in 1 month than any seo company we've employed in the past 5 years and its all thanks to this community.

    I hope this makes sense guys as im pretty baked right now,

    thanks in advance
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    For an aged site you can build link faster, 20 a day won't be too much.

    Btw what is this blog network that has 800 sites?