I want to Hire a Global Affiliate Recruiter/Marketer Expert

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    Aug 17, 2012
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    My unique, non-IM related, clickbank product in a very uncompetitive niche was accepted. Now I need some marketers/advertisers to get it in front of serious affiliates who will pick it up from CB. Maybe you have an email list of affiliates or IM related people?

    Maybe you've worked with CB products before and you know how to attract affiliates to get a product moving? If so, I want to talk with you. I'm looking to hire someone who can get my product picked up by more affiliates. Did I mention Affiliate commission is 70%? Yes, they get over $32 for each sale. It's easy to sell, with the freebies and affiliate resources I provide, so affiliates can start bringing in sales right away.

    So it sounds like a good deal for affiliates, right? And it should be easy to get their interest - it's a global product with endless appeal and millions searching for it every day. It's something that actually helps people with their problems; not the usual 'weight loss', 'make money on the internet' type of Clickbank product. Affiliates should love it.

    I just need you and your marketing skills to attract the affiliates and present my product/stats/etc. Like I said, maybe a solo ad, maybe forum posting, who knows; you're the expert, you tell me! Please PM me or respond here only if you have experience with Clickbank AND attracting affiliates. Please tell me specific things you have/would do in this regard, and an approximate budget or flat fee. Thank you.