I want to dominate Google Like howie schwartz. Read inside

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    Hey guys, now that I have a dream of earning a million dollars in the next 1 year (Read my signature), I want to push the pedal and go really really quick.
    I have been making decent money on my own, outsourcing sometimes but most of the time I can find time to do my own work. I need to outsource to upscale and I ask the BHW the following questions :

    1. What tasks do I need to outsource (link building, article writing etc.)
    2. How many members do I need to do a specific task, like for link building how many persons I need.
    3. How much should I pay them, I am in INDIA so I can get them cheap

    Also I will provide my services to the BHW memebers too, like howie does to a select few. If I build a team then I will definitely get them to write articles, build backlinks, make videos for those who are truly helpful.

    I love howie's stuff because he is just so aggresive, I want to meet him oneday and also BEAT HIM in rankings in Big G.

    Please BHW, help me out. I am an outsourcing noob who has only outsourced article writing....