I want to buy evoleads acount

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  1. TGarmsuila

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    Aug 10, 2016
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    Hi I want to buy evoleads account. I dont need approval service I know how to get them I just need an already approved account.
    I dont care if its new or old.
    I need it asap so dont want to go through application.
    I will pay 80$ for it.
    Pm me if you can sell and your skype in pm.
  2. bunty28

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    Mar 3, 2013
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    Cheap SMM service Provider
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    skype -bunty.sama add me
  3. makingmoney070

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    Dec 23, 2012
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    Got Evoleads for sale.
    add me on skype for more info: **************
  4. July1105

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    May 29, 2016
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    Stupid guy,who is a scammer ! His BHW ID is makingmoney070, and his skype: **************, please attention ! if you want to buy CPA network account, you have many chooses, dont buy account from him, so far, I've seen that he's a crazy dog will bite! Simply terrible!

    Encounter this liar is before a month, and i want to buy CPA network accounts, and he said he can get it,so in order to get my trust in him, he salt CPA account to me and i payed him the account money, but i never think that what happened later that I did not expect, a long-planned trap.

    29/08/2016, i buyed an evo account from him, when i payed him account money, the account didn't can be logged in, the system from evoleads.com notice me that the account didn't exist, when i asked him, he promised that he would give me a new account within a week,but so far, i still cant received any account from him. He did not give me an new account, in addition, he also asked me to pay extra money to him, and when I refused, his reply made me feel very surprised !

    He told me that he would steal everything that I bought all accounts from him just like evoleads/peerfly/T3leads/Maxbountry and so on, more annoying is that he not only stole all my account information and modify, but also stole all the money in my accounts.I can even received threatening text messages from him every day.

    So I decided to expose this terrible liar on the forum,as far as I know, there are already a lot of people are deceived, he was selling accounts gainning trust, then stole accounts and sold to others again. I hope don't have more people fall, he once told me he could modify his identity, so that no one can know him, he is a new man.But at least , I belive that someone who saw this post, don't deal with him, moreover, this is his collection account,if when you pay money to these account, Attention plz, he is a scammer, crazy scammer !

    His bitcon address: 1AYj4cL31UThduPuf4TKzv8cg31viSHFjP
    His perfect money account: U12281747