I want to buy a BMW X5

No matter how much money you have, stay away from liabilities.

That's some stupid advice. Liabilities will always be there, in fact, the more money you have, the more liabilities you will have. The goal is to have way more assets than liabilities. With your logic, businesses would never take debt to grow.

@OP: It's actually very easy to buy a car like that. All you need to build is a stable business which generates enough cashflow every month to cover the loan's payment. Never ever buy stuff like that with your own money, in our time, that's an extremely inefficient way to do that, something that only poor people do (which is one reason why they stay poor). As long as you have an asset to back up your debt, always take debt and reinvest the money you would have otherwise used to buy the car.

If you want to buy that car with debt, you have to build an asset making approx $1.5k - 2k per month. That's easy to do with an affiliate website. Now get to work!
If I were to purchase ANY car it would be greatly discounted because its a couple of years old. You can purchase an exotic and still not loose as much as a Newly leased Prius in the first year. Its ways to game the system for example some cars on cars.com and ebay have this consistent value (a bottom) where its less likely to depreciate significantly. This phase can happen for years and sometime these assets go up in value.
You can label you car as an asset for your business and write it off and the financing is fairly easy to get.
Go on https://www.lamborghini-talk.com/ . com because alot of people talk about methods like this.
Strange advice but you do you. With that logic almost no one would be able to afford a car that isn't older than 5 years or so.

B2T: OP don't think just because you're able buy a car, that you're able to also afford it. There are most cost than just the car itself (insurance, tax, depreciation, gas etc.).

I bought MK 7 2017 that was worth half of my monthly income at that time, so yeah it's really possible. I know people making 200k per month from this forum, they can afford any luxury car but they just don't :)
Liabilities will always be there, in fact, the more money you have, the more liabilities you will have.

When I made my first serious money in Internet Marketing, my liabilities barely grew (relative to the profits), so I guess your facts cannot be applied to everyone. Most of the people I know that went and bought shiny things with their money (even if it's with debt) crippled the growth of their businesses and in some cases, it killed their business. No matter if I have 500k or 5kk on my bank account my passion is business and not shiny toys.

Also as some people pointed out - I did not check out the car OP posted - the more PS your car has, the more monthly upkeep you need to "invest". Selling my car a few years ago was one of the best decisions I ever made. You can move around the world in any way you please - without worrying about assets in a country you might not visit anymore - and even become income-tax-free once you lose your status as tax citizen.
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