I want to buy a BMW X5


Jun 22, 2020
Hi BHW members! I want to sit in an X5 e70 within a good time. How can I accumulate this money? Thanks
Friendly advice, do not buy a car if you can't buy it with 1 month earnings.

+1, OP don´t get caught on car loans, rates, etc.

Money is a motivation to work and learn but it NEVER should be the goal, people that puts the money as the goal deliver bad services, crappy products and horrible reputation while people that puts a bigger project like build a big brand, help 1M of people, produce quality content, etc ends with a lot more of money.
Friendly advice, do not buy a car if you can't buy it with 1 month earnings.

Strange advice but you do you. With that logic almost no one would be able to afford a car that isn't older than 5 years or so.

B2T: OP don't think just because you're able buy a car, that you're able to also afford it. There are most cost than just the car itself (insurance, tax, depreciation, gas etc.).
Sure you need targets in life. But a car is the last thing i would buy, unless its an investment (Oldtimer, limited edition)
Don't get a car. Not worth it. I got a BMW i8 (btw. I bought it 2nd hand, cuz I would never buy a brand new one), an awesome car. Its fun....for one week and then you get pissed off from all the people who are looking out for you...and then you constantly have to worry about some dickhead getting jealous and scratch your car.

I don't know what it is, but people get triggered by a nice car. By myself, I don't really give a fuck, since I don't want or need to impress anyone, but it seems ridiculous to me how people actually get triggered just by a car.

BMW X5 is nice, but I would recommend a BMW X4. A bit smaller, but looks way better...also way cheaper if you buy a new one.
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Make sure you only pay 10-15% of your total net worth for a car, remember they are a huge liability that loses value everyday.
If the car costs $60,000usd, then you should already have at least $500,000-$600,0000 invested in assets.
Cars are the biggest money sinkers out there and if you put all your money towards one you're just asking for financial ruin.
Work hard and you'll make it ;)
'How can I accumulate this money'? Gee, isn't that everybody's million dollar question lol
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