I want to blackhat the shit out of my site!

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    Recently I've got this idea of collecting emails from untargeted traffic. The idea is simple: create a novel web site that will be compelling to most people, make them complete an action and collect their email for verification.
    I got this idea and I created a site where people write a story by voting for letters from the alphabet. In this way people write a story where every letter is written by a different person. Basically the end product would represent a book that has thousands of authors. The name of the site is billionmindsunited . Just type it in the browser and add the most common extension.
    The idea is simple and it's main purpose from my point of you is to collect emails and create a large list and then sell them something, maybe a donation for the site or just something generic, but basically you would ask all the people who typed their letter to make a donation.

    So far the statistics show that 50 % of visits convert (i.e. they submit their email). Since the idea on this site is unique and novel I thought that it would be easy to bring traffic and that the idea on the site would spread virally. But so far I had no success.

    Here's what I tried to bring some traffic to the site:
    1. I created accounts on social networking sites and sent as many private messages with invitations to take part in the project but the response rates were very very low.
    2. I published a press release about my site but it was not really picked-up by the media and press
    3. I created a facebook fan page and suggested it to my 1300 friends, overall I got 9 visits to my site and 4 people liked the facebook fan page.

    Really bad. In 3 months I managed to bring 2000 unique vistors to the site, but unfortunatelly at that time the site wasn't set up to collect emails :(

    What should I do? Can somebody point me in the right direction to use some blackhat methods to bring high traffic volumes to my site?
    I'm willing to pay for such traffic or method. It doesn't matter if this traffic is untargeted, all it matters is that real people are visiting my site. I want to use every blackhat and sneaky method possible to bring thousands of visits to the site. Can you point me in the right direction?

    Please comment and suggest. Thx