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I Want Freedom! [rant]

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by SpellZ, Aug 19, 2011.

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    Feb 8, 2009
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    Toronto, ON
    I live in a very good neighborhood, some houses that are over a million dollars here. Good to a lot of attractions, tons of stores, to get to the second largest mall is located 11 minute walk from where I live. Clothing stores, food stores, hardware stores, computer stores, late night restaurants... They are all less then a 2 minute drive from where I live. I have a good job as a graphic designer, the pay is good for the position and I can't complain about the type of work they are giving me. I have great friends that I can rely on, two of them I treat like my own brother (they were at my fathers funeral, and they were with me all the way through). During the weekends (and sometimes weekdays) I go out, I have a good rep. at the nightlife industry and get into any nightclub with no lineup, no cover, and all the drinks are free.

    On the outside (and the way I describe it) it sounds great you know... why am I ranting/complaining? Because I want freedom! I don't want my 'relax' and 'entertainment' days to be Friday and Saturday. I want all my days to be weekends. I don't want to wake up 7 in the morning, so I can get to work by 8:30 and leave by 4:30. I don't want to fucking sit in a cubicle and do work for someone else.

    I want freedom.

    I want to wake up in the morning and say, "Hmm... I wanna go to London today!" and go for a week, and that week will turn to a month! Then I decide to go to Thailand for the moon party and trip out on some good drugs. Wake up to find out that I got robbed and the only thing I got left is my wallet (ha!?), then I got to Vegas and blow $2000

    I want to have a Lamborghini MurciƩlago in red that I paid in cash, that I can drive and it will turn all the heads. While I drive with a serious look on my face like I am going to some important business meeting, meanwhile I am actually going to a good Italian restaurant to sit by myself, drink San Paregrino water and eat a $40 meal.

    I want to wakeup when the sun goes down, and go to sleep when the sun goes down. I want to go to the gym whenever I want and stay there for as long as I want because I know I don't have to wakeup early in the morning, or do something around the house because I can hire people to do it for me. I want home automation, modern kitchen, 72" LED HDTV, beautiful garden and a all-season backyard.

    I want to call all my friends every day and ask them to come out with me, and I know that we can stay up as late as I want because in the morning I don't have to do anything.

    I want to have NO DEBT.

    I want to visit 50 US states in in 300 days on an RV that I paid in cash.


    Now the next question would be...
    What have you done to achieve it?

    I'm actually doing something to try and make things work... I want to get a website rolling with a fee to pay in order to get into a VIP area. I feel like it is a good niche, and I did a lot of research. Worked on it for about 6 months because everything else takes so much damn time. But I feel like I am less ten 3 weeks away from fully going LIVE. I hope I can achieve this, if not, then I have to do something else and I don't know what yet.

    Hope is up.
    No luck.
    Just Skill.

    When people say "That lucky bastard" to a person who lives in a big house, I say, "Good for him, he did something with his life". I just feel like there is so much more to life...

    I think why I'm writing this rant because of what I read the other day... To make the story short, a guy in a Honda comes to the red light, fairly young professional going to work. Beside him pulls a red Ferrari. The young professional asks him, "How is it?", and the man in the red Ferarri replied, "When you are 52 years old, you cant enjoy these kind of toys anymore"

    ... and it just fucking hit me so hard..

    In any case.. End of rant...

    Cheers guys.
    I don't expect anyone to read this, just to need to get this out fo my head.
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