I want an opinion: Invest more or sell everything

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by DarkSub, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Maybe the title is a bit forced. In big lines the shituation is like this:
    I have 2 sites on .ro domains(that comes from ROmania, and no, it's not in africa or asia... i'm just saying...) that are related to a multiplayer game developped by some guys. For the moment the game it's not very popular due to the fact it's still in beta.
    I have one "enemy" site with a .ro domain(the only other in my country) which is doing the same things as me. Now, my question is: Should I buy the other site and have the "authority" in Romania or I should get rid of my two sites and invest the money in something sure?
    I'm not confident about the future of the game. Probably, will catch but not very quick, I'm considering one year or so. I don't want to stay that long. What do you recommend?:confused:
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    It really comes down to you. If you think the game will be popular and you have this opportunity to be the authority on it, then I personally would wait and keep building the site up. You can possibly cash out big if the game becomes that popular.

    Imagine if you were the one with the first World of Warcraft authority site....

    On another note, if you really have no interest in it, then sell it and move on. There's really no right or wrong answer, just do what feels right.

    You can also outsource the development of the site to someone else and just hold the domain name.