I thought of an offline tactic that could work for email/zip submits, few questions though

Discussion in 'CPA' started by jecter82, Feb 2, 2011.

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    I'm not really expecting this method to bring in bank, but maybe just some start-up capital for other projects. I have a few questions that I will ask at the end as well.

    1) Register a domain that is something like yourcitysweepstakes.com

    2) Create a very simple landing page, with a custom header that relates somehow to your city (if you live by a beach or whatever have it themed like that). Use image links in the form of rounded width style banners for each of your email/zip submit offers and have those prominently displayed, one after the other. You will probably have to create these yourself. I think having rounded banners would work better as they wouldn't look like typical horizontal webpage banner, aesthetics is key here.

    3) Now that you have your landing page you will begin the offline marketing part. I tried to think of the most cost effective way to promote offline, what I came up with isn't anything revolutionary. You will be creating flyers that have your url on them as well as the kinds of prizes they can win (the stuff your CPA offers are for). Include tabs at the bottom with your url on them that they can tare off.

    4) Many of you probably live in areas where there are those dvd kiosk machines, often times they are located outside of stores. I always see people at these, no matter what time of day. Tape the flyer on the machine somewhere. You should be able to get maybe 50-100 pairs of eyes on each flyer before they get taken down (estimate based on nothing). Do this all over town, you can use findthebestroute.xom to find the quickest way to get to all of your locations. I believe the best time to put up your fliers would be sometime on Thursday so they are hopefully still there for weekend (which I assume is the busiest days for the kiosks).

    The only thing blackhat about this is that people will assume it's a local sweepstakes they are entering (well, some will) so they would think they would have a better shot at winning. I still have a few questions though that maybe you can help me out with.

    1) I've heard high conversions are looked at as bad, this would for sure get a high % of conversions since everyone that clicks on your offers wants to to enter the sweepstakes. Who looks down on high conversions, the CPA manager or the advertiser? If it's the CPA manager I would probably be able to explain to him what I'm doing before and why I will have a % of conversions right?

    2) People would complete multiple CPA offers for the same advertiser, they probably don't need the same email/zip three times. I assume they would get pissed.

    3) Owners of the kiosks could get pissed as well, to what degree I do not know. I believe the way these things operate is that the store gets sent the dvd's and the manager or whatever of the store adds the new movies when they receive them. This is better than a guy for the actual kiosk company going around to every location as he would see that you flyerd every kiosk in town, so hopefully it's the former. I'm trying to think of the worst possible scenario that could happen here and I believe it would the manager of the store getting pissed, reviewing video of the parking lot and getting your license plate. Sounds like paranoia I know, but I like to think of everything.

    4) I'm not sure if CPA offers would be blocked by adblock. I think they probably would. This is where experience with CPA would help me.

    So, as you can tell, I'm new to CPA. I wouldn't expect much more than $100-$150 from this if you hit up say 25 or 30 locations. It's still money though and doesn't require a huge amount of IM knowledge. This seems like it would be more cost effective than putting fliers on peoples windshields. Let me know what you guys think.

    Total cost:
    Domain: 7.50
    Hosting: 7.00
    Gas: 15.00 <-probably high
    Flyers: 3.00
    Total: 32.50
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    I had my dad drive to a store to test a method similar to this I messed up by putting the logo of the supermarket on it so I might try it again as you have motivated me the main thing you should worry about is if a goody two customer walks in and asks the manager oh what is this flyer you are offering on the red box? and the manager says what flyer, show me and the manager learns that something is up and removes the flyer and or tells employees about it. I had 0 results from it but I might actually re think it.

    Anyways good luck and be careful and be sure to put at the bottom in decently sized print on the paper "terms apply visit site for details". Also you could buy a domain and have a subdomain for each city with a simple redirect to the offer. Be sure to design flyers for low ink while maintaining conversions and not to print too many before the results show.

    Have fun!

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    It sounds good, the only problem is that in my area (PA) there are always "security" guards standing right next to those dvd kiosks..

    I am pretty sure they wouldn't let you do ANY advertising near there.

    However, if you can find the right places your are good to go!