I think there's a glitch in Tumblr in relation to Blacklabelads

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    I found this out the other day when in-line ads from BLA showed up on my new Tumblr blog. I checked all the code in the template, no Blacklabelads code. My first thought of course was that the developer of that certain template embedded the ad code. This was not to be.

    So I investigated a bit and this is what I found out.

    Apparently, if a blogger on Tumblr is using BLA In-Line ads on their main page and someone reblogs a photo from them, somehow it carries over to the blog where the reblogged photo is. Just a weird glitch. I found out because I changed templates again and had no Blacklabelads, then I clicked on a certain photo that I had reblogged and the inline ads appeared on my new template. So then I deleted that photo and the inline ads disappeared.

    As viral as Tumblr tends to be, maybe this is good news for those who use BLA inline ads.
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