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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by iminmenorca, Jul 31, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    I really want to get into the SEO stuff - starting off white hat and hopefully testing some black towards the new year. however - to get me started i have purchased, a domain, some webspace, and i have played around with a website for my niche - i have used some tools that i found on here and my niche has a 52% difficulty rating - so i know it will take some work. What i'm confused on is content - when i have my html site live do i need to constantly add new pages (my competitors have between 250-450 pages or do i just need more backlinks than them? if content is king do the formats that people use for autoblogging apply to html sites? or is there a tool that scrapes info for me to add to my site? - sorry if this is confusing... im confused!
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    Content is extremely important. From what I understand -- original content related to your specific KW's ranks better than dup content.

    Backlinks are probably as important if not more important than adding an abundance of content.

    My advice.. add enough content to cover your niche thoroughly and provide your readers with useful information. After you do that, focus on building a steady stream of backlinks while occasionally adding new content to your site to keep it fresh.