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I think I get it (really gonna help a lot of people out)

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Chaddy20, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Chaddy20

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    Jan 28, 2015
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    As far as helping people out, I mean this thread in general.

    I wanted to clarify some of my leftover noob questions that have yet to be answered. Keep in mind my primary goal is to pull people in offering a free business support forum - where I offer solutions to the problems that people register on my website to post. I did this to advertize my name with more ease. If you can offer a free solution to thousands of people, some of whom desperately need it, they will... Right? (that's what I'm hoping for lol) So... Offer business advice - then also have general forums for certain lifestyles. In these forums I will have affiliate links posted in the form reviews or informative posts, etc for (what I am referring to as my least profitable sales group, my forumgoers) I plan to grow the forums to at least 100 active members over the course of 2015 - I think that is realistic with new fresh content daily/videos weekly.
    - So I also plan to make videos related to my niche with affiliate links. I plan to post on Youtube then link it in my blogs to promote it. In my Blog I will have links to my homepage and forums. From my forums I link to blog and homepage, there are follow buttons on every page. I plan for the blog to be the most popular.
    - I have a Wordpress site that allows for 20ish blogs to be posted at once with easy thumbnail views in attractive sizing/positions. Great themework. I need to know how to monetize on this properly. This is my main traffic. What type of things should I researching? I am so new to IM/SEO, you don't have to give me the answers but gimme some starting google terms please lol - so... Like a PPC ad? A banner? Just wait for my website to get x daily views then privately rent space? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.
    - I have an app that tells me when someone posts, So I plan to follow the big guys, 1m+ followers related to my niches and just link a related article I wrote on their page ASAP for early exposure. Like oh, wow! Such a good idea - I wrote about a similar problem most people have here: etc. That link goes to my blog that will have an affiliate link to go to vendor sale page, my social follow icons, link to Homepage and forums too... I think I have it covered, right?

    1. When starting from absolute ground zero, zero followers, no traffic, brand new website (looks professional though, I invested $100+ into it) what is the best way to go forward or get a quick start? Is it to... Simply write quality content, correct? Like outlined in the sticky [tutorial 2] how to make large SEO footprints? And attempt to post your link on as much quality, related content as possible?
    2. I really need to know about advertising and I think it's a great time to clear up some old threads and methods that are out-dated and bring in some new info. Someone give me an idea of what I should expect to make with the top 3 ad companies, and please give me the names because I don't know anything related to the topic... With let's say 1,000 daily views (what type of ads would I run with 100-1,000 visitors, 1,000-5,000 visitors, 5,000-15,000 visitors, 15k+ visitors) Someone give me a similar... Dummy guide breakdown please. It's been killing me and my OCD.
    3. I am expecting to put in roughly 6-8 hours a day self marketing my links, writing new content, networking, etc. (the great thing is that I have a great face and body and am going towards health related niches. I used to compete in Men's Physique. I am expecting to pull in my first $250 and break even literally by the end of the year. I want to make sure I can build solid a soilid whitehat foundation that can have many followers and eventually my old work will pay off... The older threads I will bring back up, make sure links work, make newers articles about it ever couple weeks and just rinse over old stuff and post someone less new stuff.

    That was my end game strategy. Just please help me if you have tried something similar and it didn't work. Or maybe you learnt a lesson you want to teach me after what you read...

    If nothing else, please - for the love of Christ himself... Help me about my ad inquiry. I am wanting to HOST someone ELSE's ads on my website. Those traffic numbers and names of the companies are very important details, please do not leave those out, lol. Thank you. I can't wait to officially launch and update my journeys thread here.
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    Jan 30, 2015
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    General consensus is adsense pays by far the most. 1000 daily views on a health related niche might earn you approx 5$ with adsense on an average.