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I started the creation of the International Language Organization, welcomes everyone to p

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by gaigailun, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Jun 13, 2010
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    I started the creation of International Language Organization, I am seeking any country to provide residence to the International Language Organization.Hope you help spread this message, I hope the world's news media coverage of this information.
    Here, International Language Organization of basic information:
    1, International Language Organization's Mission: to promote the language development of science throughout the world to promote the progress of the language of all mankind.
    2, International Language Organization's main tasks: (a), bringing together the power of every country around the world, bringing together academics and language for each language the power of institutions to carry out linguistic research; (b), the creation of the language of most scientific theories; ( c) to promote the progress of the language evolution of all mankind; (d), to solve the problem of international communication language barrier:The language barrier is the international communication major problems of mankind, all humanity should work together to resolve this important issue. International Language Organization brings together linguists around the world, learn the advantages of the various languages around the world, the creation of the most scientific, most easy to learn, the most simple language, as the common language of international communication, language barriers of humanity the problem is resolved. The common language is very easy to promote, A, the more common language with any language, has great advantages, the common language level and easy to learn the perfect degree of surprise, people feel wonderful, it is very interested in the average person, just one month's easy to learn, you can everyday conversation, the universal language in itself can produce a huge spread of power; B, International Language Organization has tremendous outreach capacity, can do The most effective outreach. About 5 years to promote this common language will be popular in the international exchanges, international exchanges of the language barrier to solve the problem.About promotion of 10 years, this common language can become the second national language in the world, you can see the common language, since then, people around the world do not need to learn the specialized language, each person born on in life to see the mother tongue and the universal language (second language), only in childhood, in life and understand, the same as learning the mother tongue, grasp the common language. The future of mankind language situation is that, in international exchanges in the world to use this common language, do not learn the language; the country's internal, use their own national language. With this common language, can increase understanding between countries, communication, friendship, peace and more security, the development of a more hopeful life better.
    3, International Language Organization of organization: implementation of national membership, any country around the world has the right and obligation to become a member. International Language Organization to invite the world to all linguists, language enthusiasts, language groups, to participate in language studies.
    4, International Language Organization of institutions: the Assembly of Member States; Council; executive council; Chairman; Secretariat; academic research; member departments; diplomatic service; Protection of National Language Commission; honorary president for life Association (Honorary Life President of the a large number of cases, the establishment of this department). Subsidiary body of academic research: Language Sciences; the world's common language research center; World Universal Grammar Research Center; World General Punctuation Research Center; World Language and Culture University; Language Foundation; Language Progress Award; world language forum.
    5, International Language Organization's main features: between the national organization, the forces of Member States to maintain the organization, for the world to participate in the organization that specializes in promoting language and progress of activities, not engage in other activities.
    6, International Language Organization's position: its status agreement between the Member States to determine, not to determine any country's internal register. It determines the status of its activities are international, worldwide, are not under the jurisdiction of any country's internal affairs. International Language Organization's relations with any country are diplomatic relations, to enjoy diplomatic privileges. International Language Organization's creation is not based on the founding law of the country, but on the idea of the founder. Founder of the founding countries, in accordance with the request to the International Language Organization to provide shelter, contribute to the progress of human language.
    7, International Language Organization's home: its status determines its residence is an international, not by individuals or groups should be provided by a sovereign state, as did the United States to the United Nations to provide shelter. The emergence of a world state to the International Language Organization to provide shelter, marking the successful International Language Organization was founded. Founders must be treated to the International Language Organization: to provide shelter, construction of headquarters building, necessary facilities, support and help. International Language Organization is funded by Member States.
    Here, in order to seek help and support around the world, to thank supporters, provide the following incentives:
    1, to the International Language Organization country that provides shelter, known as the 'International Language Organization of the founding countries'.
    2, joined the International Language Organization of the country, from the first to tenth, known as the International Language Organization of the first executive director of the country '.
    3, joined International Language Organization in the country, from the first to fifth in ten countries, known as the International Language Organization member countries first.
    4, the ranking of the Member States, in accordance with the order to join International Language Organization.
    5, provide significant help to the founder who called the 'International Language Organization's honorary president for life'.
    6, provides general assistance to the founder who called the 'International Language Organization founder of friends'.
    7, International Language Organization invited a number of 'honorary president for life' and 'the founder of friends', as Vice-Chairman of International Language Organization.
    My blog,http://gaigailun.blog.co.uk, http://hi.baidu.com/gjxp
    Thank you!
    International Language Organization founder GaiGaiLun
    Here chinese:
      我发起创立International Language Organization,我正在寻求任何国家给International Language Organization提供住所。希望大家帮助传播这个消息,希望全球的新闻媒体报道这个信息。
      下面介绍,International Language Organization的基本情况:
      1,International Language Organization的宗旨:促进全世界的语言科学的发展,促进全人类的语言的进步。
      2,International Language Organization的主要任务:(一),汇集全世界的每个国家的力量,汇集每个语言学者和语言机构的力量,开展语言研究;(二),创立最科学的语言理论;(三),以语言的进步促进全人类的进化;(四),解决国际交往语言不通问题:国际交往的语言不通是全人类的重大问题,全人类应该共同努力解决这个重大问题。International Language Organization汇集全世界的语言学家,借鉴全世界的各种语言的优点,创立最科学的、最容易学习的、最简单的语言,做为国际交往的通用的语言,使全人类语言不通的问题得到解决。这个通用语言的推广是很容易的,A,这个通用语言与任何语言比较,具有巨大的优越性,这个通用语言的完美程度和容易学习的程度,令人感到惊讶,令人感到神奇,令人十分感兴趣,一般的人,只需要一个月的时间的轻松的学习,就可以日常会话,这个通用语言本身能够产生出巨大的传播力;B,International Language Organization具有巨大的推广能力,能够做到最有效的推广。大约推广5年,这个通用语言将会在国际交往中普及,解决国际交往的语言不通问题。大约推广10年,这个通用语言能够成为各国的第二母语,在全世界,随处可见这个通用的语言,从此以后,全世界的人们不需要专门的学习这个通用语言,每个人在出生后,就在生活中见到母语和这个通用语言(第二母语),只需要在儿童时期,在生活中领会,象学习母语一样,掌握这个通用语言。全人类语言的未来局面是这样的,在国际交往中,全世界使用这个通用语言,不需要学习各种外语;在各国的内部,使用自己国家的语言。有了这个通用语言,能够增加各国间的理解,交往,友谊,和平更加有保障,发展更加有希望,生活更加美好。
      3,International Language Organization的组织方式:实行国家会员制,全世界的任何国家都有权利和义务成为会员国。International Language Organization邀请全世界的所有的语言学家、语言爱好者、语言团体,参加语言研究。
      4,International Language Organization的机构:会员国大会;理事会;常务理事会;主席;秘书处;学术研究部门;会员部门;外交部门;保护民族语言委员会;终身名誉主席联谊会(在终身名誉主席的数量较多的情况下,设立这个部门)。学术研究部门的下属机构:语言科学院;世界通用文字研究中心;世界通用语法研究中心;世界通用标点符号研究中心;世界语言大学;语言基金会;语言进步奖;世界语言论坛。
      5,International Language Organization的主要特征:在国家之间建立的组织,以会员国的力量进行维护的组织,供全世界参与的组织,专门从事推动语言进步的活动,不从事其他的活动。
      6,International Language Organization的地位:它的地位由会员国之间的约定确定,不能在任何国家的内部注册确定。它的地位决定了它的活动是国际性的、世界性的,不属于任何国家的内政管辖。International Language Organization与任何国家的关系都是外交关系,享受外交待遇。International Language Organization的创立不是基于创始国家的法律,而是基于创始人的想法。创始国家按照创始人的请求,给International Language Organization提供住所,为人类语言进步作出贡献。
      7,International Language Organization的住所:它的地位决定了它的住所是国际性的,不能由个人或团体提供,应该由一个主权国家提供,象美国给联合国提供住所那样。世界上出现一个国家给International Language Organization提供住所,标志着International Language Organization创立成功。创始国必须给International Language Organization的待遇:提供住所,建设总部大楼,必要的便利、支持、帮助。International Language Organization的经费由会员国承担。
      1,给International Language Organization提供住所的国家,称为?International Language Organization的创始国家?。
      2,加入International Language Organization的国家,从第一个到第十个,称为International Language Organization的第一届常务理事国?。
      3,加入International Language Organization的国家,从第一个到第五十个国家,称为International Language Organization的第一届理事国家。
      4,会员国的排名,按照加入International Language Organization的顺序。
      5,给创始人提供重大帮助的人,称为?International Language Organization的终身名誉主席?。
      6,给创始人提供一般的帮助的人,称为?International Language Organization创始人的友人?。
      7,邀请若干名?终身名誉主席?和?创始人的友人?,担任International Language Organization的副主席。
      我的博客,http://gaigailun.blog.co.uk, http://hi.baidu.com/gjxp
    International Language Organization的创始人 GaiGaiLun
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