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    Feb 20, 2009
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    So i've been earning some money here on there on the web. More than money i learned ways of making money that if applied properly can work.
    On this forum i learned about facebook methods of making money and mostly e-whoring lol. I saw that it's useful to have like an email harvester for craigslist or a facebook friend adder etc... well my brother happens to be pretty smart in scripting and such. He told me he could make programs to do that.. these are just examples, he can do a lot of stuff and hardcore blackhat scripting so im sure the possibilities are quite expanded. I was wondering what should i ask him to do lol...and if there's a script/software/program whatever that's in demand so i can have him do it (which he doesnt mind) and turn it into a bit of profit (by selling it and applying it).