I screwed up, need some YouTube suspension advice

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    hi BHW,

    About a month ago I decided to make a YouTube account that would be used kind of as an experiment to make some ad revenue monies. I would crawl YT and download various videos for my niche (nursing/health assessments, ASMR type stuff), repackage the vids with a slick intro and such, upload them to my channel. Really put a lot of work into setting the channel up. Ended up with over 100 subs, 50kviews and a little over $9. Not too bad of a start.

    Then YouTube dropped the ban hammer.

    Okay, not a big deal, I was planning on deleting it if I ever so much got a copyright strike anyway.

    I screwed up though. I didn't use a proxy or TOR or a VPN. I did however only access this channel in an incognito browser, but I guess that didn't matter.

    Along with my channel, YouTube banned 3x of the recent Google accounts I had setup for other various reasons. Thankfully they aren't anything I give a shit about, so zero loss.

    But I'm worried. I have a legitimate YouTube channel with a few hundred videos and almost 1000 subs, and I've been using it for like 8 years now. I immediately downloaded all of my videos (66gb, wee) just in case it gets nuked.

    I'm worried though. I guess YouTube found these 3x recent accounts by my IP? Or perhaps because I'm an idiot and filled out the alternate e-mail address as my personal e-mail, for all of them.

    I have like 10 other various Google accounts I've created over the years, which are fine.. but, I'm wondering, will YouTube possibly come after my other accounts still? The 3x that were suspended were all done instantly, at the same time. I'm wondering if perhaps I'll be okay, or one day YouTube will put 2+2 together and find my other accounts.

    I haven't touched my YouTube channel since, as I have no idea how to proceed safely. I don't plan on doing anymore blackhat stuff, and I should have expected something like this to happen. Feel so stupid. I wonder if making a new Google account could trigger it?

    Please let me know if you have any advice on this subject. I do plan on creating a new YouTube channel in the future (I literately just bought a new mic + gear for this.. ugh), but I'm going to do that in a virtual machine, and through a VPN.


    TLDR: I got suspended for uploading other peoples videos, will YouTube catch up and eventually ban all of my accounts?