I Say Again - My Increase Is BHW

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    I repeat this post for the benfit of all who read

    hey to all -

    OK - so far - 5 months later -BHW has helped me SO MUCH it is unbelievable

    Lets see - here's a list so far of my benefits as a BHW member

    ANSWERS - anything I have needed to know you guys have answered it - most times swiftly and most times accurately (priceless)

    Knowledge - Just browsing through the answers in the different sections has been a WEALTH of IM knowledge - about what does and does not work (priceless)

    Increased self discipline - YES - I DID get banned for a month - that taught me HEAPS - about being a good boy and playing by the rulz (priceless) - hell - while I was away I went and joined WF - what a piece of shit - all those straight noses gettin bent out of shape at all us Bhatters - I now KNOW I DON'T want to be a strict white hatter - EVER - I did not know this before I went there

    $avings $$$ - BIG time - probably over $5000.00 now in expenses I would otherwise incurred had I needed to go and buy all the "freeware" I have managed to source as a result of our sharing community here

    Confidence and Motivation: - As a result of all the above my confidence and motivation to continue has seen a HUGE increase (Really priceless)

    Now - all I have to do is be able to figure out this internet marketing thing and I will be all set (LOL)

    No - But seriously - and this goes out to ALL who pass this way - regardless of how you have treated me or how I may have treated yous - a big THANK YOU TO ALL - because you have ALL been a part of my growth as an IM'er

    Regards to all and I hope this post helps to inspire or motivate someone else one day
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    Good to see people thankful for the community here. I'm benefiting as well.
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