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I provide unique content, site, hosting & domain costs, you bring Social Network Traffic

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by armin64, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. armin64

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    Feb 13, 2009
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    Hello my friends;

    As the title said, I'm seeking a long term partnership based on a mutual honesty and work. Whether you are an active Pinterest member, or an owner of a fanpage with 2M users at Facebook we can join together to make some cash. What I'm looking for is social network traffic. While I'm good at SEO I'm not going for it. It takes time and the outcome is not predictable.
    I'm very good at programming, both web applications and desktops, also have 10 years of experiences with web development. PHP is a piece of cake for me so if you need any automated job, scraping, whatever don't hesitate to inform me. English isn't my language but I have some cheap freelance writers with enough enthusiasm for some new projects, so content is not a problem either. What I don't have time for and sufficient experience is Social Networks. They can work great if we only act professional. So if you had any success with your previous social networks, or you are already making $$$ and want to scale it up here is my offer.

    What I will provide:
    I will provide a professional looking website with 100, 200 or even 500 pages of unique content based on any niche you're working on.
    I will undertake domain registering and hosting costs. Wordpress installing, template/logo design, any CSS changes or possible coding will be done by me. Our website will have different pages and about 7~10 categories and sub categories which will make it look professional. Depending on your social network traffic, each page will be targeting a subject of interest from 500 (let's say Pinterest famous recipe method) to 1500 words (FB, Twitter traffic) article. With some pictures and even videos, organized with CSS within the page, visitors will trust more and more.
    As I said reciprocal honesty I've to say that articles aren't written by native English speakers, indeed they are cheap ones "but" I can tell you that they will be well organized and 100% SEO/Adsense friendly. A 5 pages sample blog is also available with such articles at Blogspot, they are looking very professional at first glance with 3~5 high quality pictures for each page. It's a musical instrument reviewing blog. I don't seek SEO traffic, but to assure you with the quality of the content you can search each item on Google and see that they are at the #1place even above Amazon for that particular keyword. This sample blog brought me over 8000 U/Vs in 10 months. Not bad for a 5 page site :)

    What you need to provide:
    Social Networks Traffic. That's it. Just forward your FB, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, blah blah traffic to this site and we will earn together. As I'm seeking a long term partnership you can give me you Adsense code, CPA offers, whatever and I will put it wherever you want. Money rolling to your account you then pay me my share.
    So please pm me and provide me this:

    Your Social Network Traffic: e.g. FB, Pinterest, YT ...
    Estimated daily traffic you will send: e.g. 500 U/Vs
    Your niche: recipe, travel, gadget review ...
    Monetization method: Adsense, CPA, PPD ...
    Estimated potential of earning: $$$/month

    Please just show me what you can prove it, I need to see your social network account(s) along with the number of fans or followers before we can start.

    Final Notes:
    • The whole process would be accomplished within 2months. I will add articles on daily basis (10~20 pages) and you have to send your traffic gradually. Money will be split 50/50, although I can take less if you could pay my share in Webmoney.
    • As said before there are samples of what I can provide. Still there is more I can show you in case you were interested in complicated programming jobs.
    • I can easily sell this as a service in any marketplaces, you know the value of such a site with 200 pages of unique content, however I prefer to change it to a long term residual income. Again I ask you to step in if only you can provide considerable amount of social network traffics.

    Feel free to ask your questions here on this thread.

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