I propose the world series of webmasters tournament

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    We launch an empty content site for let's say Adsense. We get 100 or so participants in groups of 10. Every 2 days you post your anonymous work report in your group. Your group votes out the worst report. Group balancing takes place. Final group submits all their reports and all participants make a final vote. The prizes are measured in % of total Adsense impressions.

    1st place gets 27% of total revenue generated so far + 37% of all future impressions.
    2nd gets 20%
    3rd gets 15%
    4th to 10th get 4%
    10th to 30th get 1%

    Something like that. Sponsor/organizer can keep 5% or something for the effort and long term hosting. All voting is done for anonymous work reports so you won't know who you are voting for. Work reports will contain details and evidence of all work that has been done to increase website's traffic and improve it's content.

    Yea, basically a rough wild idea :D