I own a business and we have a lead gen campaign running for the last 4 years

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    Hello i own and operate a legitimate established business in the NYC area.
    I would like to hire someone with a base for working on a lead gen campaign for the business

    Before you start reading a whole bunch of stuff
    About the business:
    Established in 09
    4 Full time licensed technicians
    2 Canine inspectors
    2 Canines
    Top of the line steam/heat and kryonite technology (Freeze treatment)
    24/7 hotline with sales team
    Backend being redeveloped to improve transparency and real time access to leads (Being custom made with CRM structure implemented)

    About Me:
    Hello, My name is Danny i have been on bhw for a while now and recently donated so i can become more active on the forum. I have been working with the internet since yahoo stores in 98. I was offered to partner with my life long friends in a business and i was designated to handle the marketing aspects of the company. So shortly after we opened the company I took a trip out to India to meet with some of the people i met on odesk to see if i can make something really happen. Successfully established several contacts that have driven the business till this day and are a large part of the lead gen being done today. The lead gen campaigns i work on are all partnerships, Its not just a lead generator trying by themselves. I believe in a full commitment from both sides, so I am actively assisting with campaigns, sharing the knowledge i have for the better use of both parties.
    After all if they make money that means i make money.

    Geo Local -Cover entire NYC area (Brooklyn,Bronx,Queens,Staten Island and of course manhattan)
    Pest control - niche
    Bed bugs - sub niche
    canine inspection - sub niche
    All general pest control - sub niche

    The concept is to find someone from BHW who has rep here that would like to come in on a base salary that will transition to more financial gains.

    Base salary is provided in a concept to give you financial assistance as you dedicate your full time schedule to making a campaign produce leads.
    The opportunities are endless with the right person.

    There are obviously different specifics that i did not go into detail for obvious reasons. If you share an interest please find my skype info in my profile or pm me.
    Thanks for your time :)

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    Sent you a pm!
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    what does BHW MEAN
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    Can I join ? please send me more info.

    BHW > Black hat world
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    No one that's responded so far has very high reputation.

    Yes, including myself haha. Sounds good DMKing, I pray you find what you're searching for here.

    EDIT: My apologies Extreme90, excluding you.
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    Thanks Funky, I'm not sure if you had an interest, I consider your account to be reputable, Please let me know. Thanks
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    I also do same type of business for Pest Control Industries in Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens. And My website is in top 3. Would you be interested in knowing more about me.