I offer free xrumer blasts to someone who can help me get on my feet with CPA.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by gorgonite, Jan 7, 2009.

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    I'm offering free blasts with xrumer on a dedicated server.
    I own a copy. But I'm having trouble deciding which CPA is right for me, which niche to choose (yes I know, the million dollar question), which offers to choose from...

    Basically I need someone that has experience with websites and is willing to help me out and get started with this.

    If you have enough rep I can do the blasts before you help me so you can see that I am trustworthy. Or send you a screenshot or whatever proof you need (want) to see that I actually do own it.

    I'm new at this, and need some pointers. I have a full time job so going through each CPA and see which ones are good, read all the tutorials, etc is just impossible for me...

    If you want to partner up and help me along the way, I can run as many xrumer projects that you need during that time...

    If you feel that you can help me, and have valuable information to share.. I will help you xrumer. I'm not going to say: "well, for this I'll give you one run... "
    Help me and I'll help you make as many runs as you need (leaving aside the time I would need to harvest links and post.. etc).
    I'm serious.

    Please PM if you're interested with some sites you have made and some stats (if you don't mind) like unique hits a day, conversion ratio, etc...

    Thanks for reading...

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    I sent ya a PM man. Congrats on getting an Xrumer.