I Never Thought About Keyword Research Like This. Paying For Adwords Ad Then Evaulating

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by weruncompanies, Aug 12, 2012.

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    Hmm. Seems like a much closer # for keyword research. It's quite expensive, but my one main site is worth it.

    So here's what I did:

    Complied a list of 200+ keywords using various tools.
    Bought ads for all of the keywords I could think of.
    Maxed out the PPC to where I'd always be on page one.
    Removed all non-US visitors.
    Remove all the mobile users, desktop only.
    Removed all the other platforms, only using Google search, not partner network.
    Now sitting back watching for clicks/impressions.

    I value impressions as searches in my book..
    Now I feel like I have a better understand of the real amount of traffic going to these keywords.
    Plus aside from paying for the clicks, I'm making money back at the same time.. So the data comes free as a bonus.

    Your thoughts?
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    Pure student :p
    In my thoughts you are doing good and you are doing this in a convincing way.
    You must follow the basic rules of this arena so that you get the desired result you are looking for.