I Never Gave Up

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    Hi All,

    End of the year is probably a good time to reflect on your previous years efforts in IM and re-align for the new year. I'm satisfied with my progress this year however see so many new opportunities I literally don't have the time to try them all. I'm over 40, hold down a full time job and have a family.

    Over the last 20 or so years I've tried so many offline businesses with more failures than successes but I keep going and going. The internet was the best thing and the worst thing for me, it's consumed me actually. I've worked for more than 20 years however in the last 10 years I've been retrenched several times with each one stealing a little of my confidence from me. Around 6 years ago I said to myself that I need to make one of my businesses stick.

    Something that's sustainable and fits with my brain and the way it works. I have ADD, however, when I focus my output is usually significant. At my day job I probably work for around 2 hours spread throughout the 8 hour day however still output/create/achieve more than most around me.

    When I do IM it focuses me completely. When I started around 6 years ago during one of my out of work periods, I can't even count how many campaigns, landing pages, websites, affiliate offers, networks and concepts I explored. Day and night to almost physical exhaustion. Failure after failure, dollar after dollar spent ... for my education.

    Even though I kept getting slammed, I never gave up. I enjoy this shit so much. The fact that someone will buy something, fill out a form, or sign up for a newsletter is a thrill for me. I can come home from work and sit at my PC for 6 hours straight and I absolutely love it. I love it even more when I see that I've made some money.

    Whilst I'd love to be working for myself FT, I've come to a happy medium between working for someone and doing my own thing. It took a while to reach peace with my situation as I've been a serial entrepreneur for the last 20 years chasing the dream. Fast track from 6 years ago to now, I'm making IM money (couple of $K/month) and found a few methods that work for me the way I want and the way my brain needs.

    It's a small amount from IM however it helps me to focus my efforts on a few things rather than have 20 balls up in the air. It also means I've stopped feeding the dream with my day job money.

    The thing that changed for me around 6 months ago was that I focused on 2 to 3 things and kept improving, tweaking, automating, writing tools for self. I've used everything I learned in the last 6 years as well as cutting my losers and reinvented my techniques so many times. This is getting too long, however a few more things. I've learned to look beyond getting my Awords, Acenter and Acents accounts banned and to think laterally, ring my AMs and hustle without fear.

    If you love IM and are only making a couple of bucks that's OK. If you 'need' IM that's OK. Continue learning, focus on a couple of things and think of your day job as a means to achieve your dreams, not as a ball and chain. There are a lot of entrepreneurs here as well as other forums. I'm sure at least half of you have ADD :) but have been drawn to IM and making a lifestyle on the Net. Great, you've found your calling.

    Enjoy your journey to date and the future that lays before you. Enjoy your family and if you're alone enjoy the good things in your life.

    All the best for the remaining year, and start the new year with focus and positivity.

    Peace and serenity all.
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    Glad that you didn't give up. You've pointed out some highly positive thoughts, and I am sure those who are thinking of giving up would think twice after they go through your post.

    Cheers :)