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I need your thoughts guys.

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by Limelike, Jun 16, 2009.


Your hosting?

  1. Hostgator

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  2. Another host

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  3. Another host (OFFSHORE)

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  1. Limelike

    Limelike Junior Member

    May 16, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Me and a partner have been doing hosting for over 1 and a half years now. Although we have been hosting from a US dedicated we are now planning on starting a host for black hat services with servers in Amsterdam for nulled scripts warez linking so on. I noticed alot of you guys hear liked hostgator although me my self I hate it.

    Can you tell me what host you are currently using and why you choose them eg ( price, hassle free, servers ?) What made you got to them?

    What would you allow a black hat host to allow? As we will most likely allow everything except spam.

    Give me your thoughts and opinions! Thanks