I need your help reagrding link selling

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    Nov 9, 2011
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    my website is largearticledotcom
    i have got this email this morning from my website contact us page button.

    Fellow Webmaster,

    we are looking for strategic link partners, to promote our website.
    we had contacted you since Your website is watches industry related so as our website.
    These 3 methods are proven to be the best:

    1. We will be happy to pay for quality links from your home page to our site, please reply back with your requested price.
    2. A post or hosted page on your blog /website (300-400 words by a professional copywriter, so be sure you will have MORE QUALITY content on your blog or website) , there would be 1 link to our site.
    3. 3-way Link exchange (had proven much more efficient than regular link exchange): We will add your link to our blog, and you will add our website.
    Please reply back, and let us know which way is best for you,
    if you are not interested, just pop us an email saying "no, thanks"
    Thank you
    Alex Ye

    What appropriate amount should i ask ?
    i dont want to loose this opportunity.