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I need your help/feedback

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by cdink69, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. cdink69

    cdink69 Newbie

    Aug 19, 2010
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    Hey everyone as you may know I’ve been on the scene for about 8 years. I've often asked for advice either here or other forums.. And I have tried everything offered by many of you (those still here) from, changing site designs, advertising more, link trades etc., etc… Yet I’m still not getting the results of those endeavors. Over the past few years I've even made/hold top rankings in Google for my site (ratelongdicks com) yet my traffic is not so great compared to many other sites. I'm not rich (unfortunately) so i don't have the big bucks to get the mass exposure, but I was and still am a believer in the concept if you build something nice, and neat you'll do well, perhaps I’m still a bit naive even after my years of attempted marketing. I know big sites hate sharing, which I still to this day find confusing as I have an always have run a free site which attempts to promote other paying (big) sites with the hope that I’ll get something. I can't even try and remember how many affiliates programs I have promoted with little or no success, (many I blamed because of their content) but as I’ve grown I realized it was not their content but only my traffic base which I’ve tried, tried, tried to improve.

    Sorry for all the bla. bla. bla. But I really need some of you well experienced webmaster to give me some good advice how to get more real traffic (retention) what I could do to get better true quality link backs, and to advertise my site without breaking my half empty bank account. I believe I’ve done just about everything, and hmm have not received the results I was hoping to receive those billions of years ago as it seems.

    I suppose as one member a few years ago told me from another forum 'running an adult site alone is impossible' was right, I tend to refuse to believe that but at this point I’m starting to think he was right.. But hey I'm still here and diligently trying my best. So again I'm asking all of you well experienced webmasters out there to ´give me some insight, weather its partnering with others, marketing ideas or anything. I’m open / willing to all ideas. However please don't send me the old long over rated buy traffic, links idea I've defiantly been down that road time, and time again for nothing!! You all know what I mean