I need your advice to acheive my journey


Jan 20, 2015
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Hello everybody,

This is the first time I post a message in this forum, but there is a moment I consult it regularly.

Today I decided to launch my personal project, I am currently working on many projects at the same time, I have two facebook pages with 6000 fans each, and a Youtube channel with 75 subscribers and 5 websites having between 5 and 10 visitors per day, and i need your advice.

My journey is to have a fixed income (arround 200$ per mounth)... I hesitate between CPA, Dropshipping or just focus on Adsense with my content sites and my youtube channel, What can you advise me ?

I am a Web developper and I have also experience in SEO, and writing web content (in French), but i can only work 1 hour per day cause i have another job...

Thank you


Aug 19, 2017
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Bonjour mon ami.

I'm in a similar situation, with only 2 hours maximum to spare on weekdays. I'm assuming that your Facebook pages are in French? If that is the case, I would recommend that you focus on writing articles on one of your 5 websites. These articles should be related to the topics of your Facebook pages, ideally, so you can connect your pages to your website.

Having quality articles on your website should increase the trust between you and your audience, making future conversions easier. As you do have some experience in SEO, I'd say try to rank your main website using the other 4 websites (if they are all in a similar niche).

If your YouTube is related to the niche as well, tie it in all together. More social signals = more traffic = better ranking. If your channel is more personal, maybe a hobby of yours that you do genuinely enjoy, keep it as a hobby and upload only when you spend time on your hobby. Making videos takes time and you don't have that.

Alors, to monetise your website, look into becoming an amazon affiliate so you can sell products related to your niche. It's easy to integrate and its fast.

If you only have 1 hour, use it to write articles and rank your website. That would be your best bet to getting $200 a day, in my opinion. This won't happen over night but since you do have 12,000 followers already, you could have this up and running in a week or two. Good luck :)


Feb 12, 2015
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Faster money is found in CPA because the payouts are profits, not revenue. Ecomm is a tough nut to crack even when you master it and the margins are slim. Build good networks on things with good paying CPA like muscle or skin and make money that way.

You'll find ecomm is very difficult, even for masters.