I Need Who Can Record ome videos for Training program "Good Price":

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    Jan 20, 2010
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    i'm preparing to launch my product but i don't have a good english that's why i'm looking for a freelance can work with me, this job called video killer pofits, it's about 23 video and 1 ebook, i need who has an experience in IM and has a GREAT english this is the most important thing, because even if you don't know much about video marketing i'll record the videos before doing it.
    my price is about $500 (paypal, elance, moneybook...)

    if you find yourself qualify for this job, contact me immediately at akitmane at gmail dot com and PM for more info.

    then we will talk more and see your demo ;)

    please, this job is not for very long time...let try it out.