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I need web designers asap!!!!

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by whodat, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. whodat

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    Jan 26, 2010
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    Hi BHW I have a project that i want to out source and here the details.

    a video streaming site for clubs worldwide but we only going to start off with a few major cities

    members will need to log in to upload 1-2 min videos of their night in the club.

    client used the vine software as a example but not exactly like that he said, it was just to give me a idea.

    his budget is $350.

    more info

    a website based business directory for Night Clubs, DJS and Promoters all housed less than one roof that also features live streaming of concerts an events at nightclubs and venues across the world. Used for searching what's happening an where in your city, in town as well as out a town night clubbing know matter where you are in the world. Find an follow the world's best nightclubs, promoters and djs in your area of choice, check out djs, an promoter's portfolio as well as their timeline of past an upcoming live streamed event(s). Free registration for partiers to sign up an choose nightclubs, promoters an djs to follow in.
    Globally redefined the word "PARTY". With outstanding well planned party throwing an event planning, the ability to attract the chicest crowd and host the most extravagant affairs by DJS an Promoters following their timeline of parties/events thrown as well as up incoming events with a choice to follow them city to city state to state country to country etc and ability to watch well planned live streamed parties/events, planning parties solution for any of your night life needs no matter where you are in the world catch up with the latest information related to your city, corporate, social parties or marketing needs. Professional and devoted website with experts at organizing and executing any and all type's events from social to corporate to music & arts events and or parties. CYC offers an upscale experience, and provides cutting edge nightlife with the new and exciting way to (view) parting, influential and energetic promotional and entertainment organization that strive to breach the gap between music and nightlife. ClubYo is committed to presenting the most exhilarating events at the hottest and most sophisticated venues in the world. Striving to maintain the highest standards to make your nightlife events flawless, exciting and most of all hassle free. ClubYo is a web based social media network combining music nightclubs, communication and competition amongst the world's best nightclubs/venues, DJS and Promoters Designed for hip hop socialites and nightlife lovers, and a free network ranks clubs/venues by popularity. The premise of the site is to create a profile, engage with DJS/Promoters to party, nightlife "Entrepioneers" involved in great parties and to stay Up to Date with ALL events from and entertainment stand point of view.

    What is your business selling?
    Selling customer satisfaction in directing people to nightclubs/venues, DJS and Promoters, have fun checking out different parties an events happening at nightclubs in whatever city you're in around the world. Compare different clubs; see top rated clubs in the area by people just like us. See planned live streamed events from the best Promoters/DJS from the most sophisticated upscale venues in different cities an countries around the world. Showing Promoters/DJS as they move around the globe for different entertainment events.
    What makes your business unique?
    We're taking partying to a new level, bringing Nightclubs, DJS an Promoters directly to their customers through live streaming giving them the unique opportunity to connect an promote their business to customers, friends and prospects all over the world. All NIGHTCLUBS and event venues for parting promoted under one hub.
    What needs does your product or service fulfill?
    Helping people find nightclubs an events happening in their area for parting proposes all over the world no matter where you're located in the world!
    What benefits and differentiators will help your business stand out from the crowd?
    - We're promoting promoters djs and nightclubs for nightlife proposes (under one roof)
    - We film live streaming of planned events for viewers to see an blog/comment under night
    - Follow DJS and Promoters timelines view past/future events
    - Comparing different nightclubs/venues at same time availability feature
    - Different level rating on nightclubs "In town ratings" "out of town ratings" "would you go here ratings"
    - See DJS and Promoters in new following light
    Nightclub lovers traveling who's looking for a great time in town or out a town that don't know the city, state etc. Satellite Radio subscribers, social media followers who what's to follow their favorite DJ(S) and Promoters to the nightclubs and venues they can't make it to around the world without being there. Householders aged 25 to 34 spend 66% ($83.25) above the national average household expenditure, householders aged under 25 spend 30% ($65.50) more than the average household expenditure, and householders aged 45 to 54 spend 11% above the national average of household expenditure ($55.62).
    Where can you advertise at?
    Social Network Sites, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., Bicycle Cabs in varies cities, Promoters and DJS that jump on board with CYC,
    Which areas your competitors are already well-established?
    Promoting themselves and night clubs individually city to city.

    Which areas are being ignored by your competitors Potential opportunities for your business?
    DJS an promoters are on radio air constantly promoting which clubs their going to be at tonight, tomorrow next week, who's going to be there how big it's going to be how live that nightclub is etc. All customers don't get to attend the event weathers it's inconvenient or poorly promoted or they can't make it to that state or whatever one reason may be. We're bringing your customers, followers and potential clubbers directly to you (Promoters, DJS, and Nightclubs). Bringing their portfolios an timelines to follow an view well planned live streamed events to partiers finger tips as well as a verity of nightclubs under one roof.
    What advantages do your business have?
    We're providing live streaming to not only nightclubs but to DJs an Promoters events. Housing all nightclubs around the world under one roof, customers can simply look at an individual nightclub or they can find djs and promoters to follow in the area of choice. Also ability to view multiply nightclubs at the same time an compare ratings.

    can anyone help or give me a idea of what direction I can go in?

    i also have some more projects i will be outsourcing soon!
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    Dec 5, 2008
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    Checking out the BHW marketplace is an option...

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