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    Driving Traffic for Political and Standard Leadgen
    With the election coming up for congressional seats and the Whitehouse, we (on our clients behalf) are launching 28 different political sites. This number may drop with people purchasing the domains, such as www.whitehouse2012.co going rate is a bid of $11k. Pretty crazy right?

    we are looking to collect name, email, postal, city, state, zip, cell phone and political affiliation. they must enter that info to play the games on the sites...so lets talk about the sites and games...

    We do a lot of mobile marketing, so almost 100% of the sites we are building are.mobi. In each site we have built a different app according to the site name. for example, ballotstuffer.mobi will have obama or rick perry (we think for the republicans) stuffing the ballot box as quickly as you shake the phone. more ballots stuffed the more points you earn. We are looking for publishers to drive traffic to our pages in whatever fashion you like. The only thing we ask is no incentivizing the offers. We are looking to do a number of options in terms of payment structure .

    First is cpa. Obviously this is where the majority of you folks play. So anything email, banner, pop or sms will work. We will be doing a lot email and sms traffic on our own and strongly believe that sms and banner inventory on cpa is the way to go.

    CPM may be considered with the right sites and brand. banners only.

    If you have postals with political affiliation attached to them, we would consider using those for our clients possible mail campaign

    For sure we would be looking for cpc banners. ..
    Now for the standard campaign

    We always try to keep everything in house, but this campaign is just a monster. We have a client that would like to remain anonymous, so lets say that he isnt paving the way for either side, just looking to make it more "fun" on these sites that get so serious about the elections. So that is the front part of the campaign...along with it, we have another client with a similar campaign.

    We are building 20 sites for a client. we are doing everything across the board for this one as well and looking for traffic from you guys on a cpa or revshare basis. Once again, we will have our gateways opened up and ready to roll out the campaigns...sms is going to be huge for both these campaigns. on these sites everything the same, but no politcal affiliation and we are offering $100 retail rebates to target/walmart to 1 out of every 50 VALID name, postal city state zip cell and email. People can sign up on multiple sites to receive the giftcard, but restirctions allow only 1 card per person per household per 90 days

    Payment Structure
    Pricing for these campaigns goes on a tier basis on the cpa. So the more leads you generate for us the higher the cpa goes up. We will cap out per advertiser at 25k leads a month at a rate of $.20 per political lead.($.15 per incentivized lead) any number of leads coming through under 5k leads will be at a cpa of $.10 per political lead $.07 per incentivized lead . We will need a scrub of 25%if you are driving leads to multiple sites. Only driving traffic to one site we are asking for a 15% scrub. Each publisher will be allowed to drive up to 25k per site, up to 5 sites per campaign, so there is a large upside to getting as much traffic to our clients sites as possible.

    CPM banners will be on a site by site basis. Typically we see banner pricing for RON at $.10 CPM and targeted banners at $.30 CPM.

    CPC banners we are paying between $.12 and$.35 per click. we would also be interested in cpc email campaign, which we are paying out $.25 per click.

    we will offer short links also, for all of you SMSer's out there. We currently send out messages such as the below:
    Win $1000 WALMART GIFT CARD...click below
    Text "stop" to unsub

    Both our clients sites sign up process will be very similar.

    FOr our political client, we need net 45 payment terms because when working with the government, it can and will take longer to be paid.

    For our incentivized client we offer net 30 terms.

    Sample sites are below:
    Political Standard
    270towin.mobi retailbonuscoupons.com
    Themdems.mobi thesocialbidding.com
    Electrickperry.mobi admission2movies.com
    Clickconservative.mobi/com digitalcoupon.me
    Whereismydonkey.mobi/com esurveymob.com
    Obamavsperry2012.mobi theperfectlittleangel.com
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    all you have to do is drive traffic to any number of pages and nobody wants to even test it out. i will try again when the sites are live...i guess i was figurinng that someone would want to know more...
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    i'll bite