I need to rent an ATT or Verizon DSL line in Southern California

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by theleanhorse, Mar 20, 2013.

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    Nothing I do is too black hat and the lines I currently have have been working for me for years, I just need more of them. So if I can find the right person to rent me a DSL line (I can supply the computer) this could be a very long term relationship where you can make money each month for doing absolutely nothing.

    I'm looking for locations in Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles only.

    It must be either Verizon DSL (not Fios) or ATT DSL (not uverse) and it must be in So Cal. Dial up will not work for me. Nor will lines in any other locations outside of So Cal.

    Thank you and please PM me how much you would charge me for renting me your DSL line.

    If you don't currently have a DSL line installed but you know that ATT or Verizon will install one, let's talk. Again, this is an easy way for someone to earn passive income for years to come.