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    Sep 17, 2008
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    My normal guy is having issues.

    I knew BHW was the place to check in. Long time lurker newly registered.

    I am looking to post 30 ads per day across several cities. This is in a phone verified section.

    WE are an above board business (No mlm work from home) and have never had an issue with the acutal ads. Its just we need some one who can get quantity out there.

    The leads are generating me money and I am looking for a long term reliable solution.

    I have the ads and will let you know what section and citiies.

    I know UnlimitedPostings has a great thread but I do not have the time I need to concentrate on working the leads that come in.

    Anyone on here do this or can offer a referall. I am not going to beat you up on price I just need a reliable 30 per day and we will scale up if you can handle it.

    Thanks shoot me a pm with Questions.

    thanks everyone great forum!!!
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    /moving this to the freelance section