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I need something to put up QUICK!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by altschule, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. altschule

    altschule Regular Member

    Sep 1, 2010
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    Sector 9
    I have a domain, hosting, and am very familiar with all aspects of the web. I am well versed in PHP, graphic design, etc, and am wanting to give this marketing game a run. I have a few questions, if you guys have info, please help me out, there is much I can offer in your time of need aswell.

    Keyword research: Where's a good read on this? This is really what's holding me back, I think I have everything else fairly lined up.

    My first attempt will be an autoblog. These things still working okay? Here's a list of plugins that I've decided I need, let me know what you think. The more free, the better.
    All in One Adsense
    Advertising Manager
    Easy Privacy Policy
    XML Sitemaps
    Kontera ContentLink
    Maxblogpress Ping optimizer
    WP OnlyWire autoposter
    platinum seo pack
    seo smartlinks
    seo supercomments
    startpress reloaded
    twitter tools
    wp post rating
    wp robot (better free alternative?)
  2. ┼blackrat┼

    ┼blackrat┼ Senior Member

    Jul 31, 2010
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    Autoblogs are quite hard´but not impossible. for a start I´s suggest a normal unique minisite.(5 pages or so)

    The kwd research rules for best rankings:

    1 - 3k+ searches month
    2 - Less than 30.000 pages competing for the keyword when searched IN QUOTES(")
    3 - Exact product name, but not a brand, and preferrably 3-4 words (Coffee expresso maker, you get the idea)
    4 - Judging your competition before hand using your common sense(if you´re not experienced, use a software like market samurai to help you out judging)
    5 - Content, proper SEO and backlinks over time should get you there.

    You know, none of these rules are inflexible. It just depends on the size of your penis when dealing with G´s vagina(sorry, this is the best comparison I could think of). If you have a big penis(experience, knowledge and tools), then the damage you´d do is higher. If you´re a girl... oh well. You get me there, you can game a little with the rules and get away with it.

    Good readings on keyword research can be found here. Take your time and hang around here, it´ll pay off soon enough.
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