I need some reviews about Alex Friedman Crypto Futures VIP Membership. Anyone got results yet?

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Peter Davies

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Jul 23, 2019
Hi BHWers! Does anyone here know Alex Friedman Crypto Futures? Is he a scammer?

Alex has a VIP telegram channel that provides 2-5 signals every day including Entry points, TP & SL. I see that the results of his members are awe-inspiring, but the price is relatively high for me, so I just want to find some reviews before joining his VIP channel.

Please let me know if you're getting good results with it or not!

Thank you, everyone!
I already said it in another post here on BHW.

Most of these Crypto VIP channels on Telegram are just scamming people.

The people who run these signal groups on telegram just share tokens which are pump and dumps and honeypots. They buy the tokens before and then they share the names with the contract address of these crypto tokens with their members. When the members buy the tokens then the scammers immediately sell their tokens and cause financial damage to others.

Btw: I wouldn't trust a guy called "Friedman" with my money after what happend to FTX.
Is it a scam after all? I also want to know.
Is it a scam after all? I also want to know.
No, its not a ‚scam‘. You can make great profits, but you need to be fast. I suggest you ‚CryptoTitans‘ more or less the same signals but much cheaper just write them for a discount.
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