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    I am running Wordpress 2.7 with the plugin installed

    All In One SEO
    WP Seo Sniper - Aggressive Default
    XML Sitemap and etc...

    The setting for my headspace - Post & Pages is

    Keywords: %%category%% downloads, %%category%% direct download, %%category%% episode, %%category%% episodes, Watch, direct downloads

    Description: Watch %%category%% direct downloads all episodes online!

    And for my ALL IN ONE SEO - The Post & Pages Title is as followed

    Watch Episode %post_title% English Sub

    Base on Google Analytic , i only receives like 3000 uvs or less a day although I have 18000 + pages index on Google , I always rank on first page (bottom listing) , second page or third page.. I hardly rank on top.

    Even thou some top ranking site are having pagerank 0 or 2 for the same keyword.

    Oh yeah, I am doing Video Entertainment and have new video release almost daily, want to outbeat my competitor in Google Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP)

    I always been reading BHW and apply many changes but still a failure in getting search engine traffic. Anyone can guide me on what

    Post Title
    Post Description
    Post Keyword

    and changes i need to make... site url - animeshippuuden.com

    While as other site with structure e.g for keyword bleach 204 on google

    the site such as thedomain.com/bleach/204 outbeat wordpress powered site that goes structure as wpdomain.com/bleach-204

    The site manage to split the title into 2 , i probably can't do the same with wordpress as wordpress permalink cannot be repeat , such as if i have episode 204 for 1 video series, i cant have episode 204 for another so the 204 can only be repeat once..

    Any suggestion?

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