I Need Some AMR Help Please

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by shiloskitty, Feb 9, 2012.

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    I asked this question in the AMR forums:

    Suppose I find a site list at a forum and want to import it to try it out, I can see how to import the list, but have a couple questions. Does it integrate into the list I?m currently using, and how do I go about deleting the list if I decide I don?t want to keep it? Do I have to go through the list and blacklist each site one by one , or can I just delete the list I imported without deleting the list I?m currently using?

    This is the only response I got:

    I don't imagine it would be that easy... Only thing I can think of to make it easier.. Is to import them. And then create a folder and add those directories.. Then do your signups or whatever and if you decide you don't like them.. Highlight them all in that folder and then delete from Import

    How do I create a folder in AMR and run a list of say 5k+ sites from that folder, or is that even the way to do it? Then move the good ones to the main list, and toss the bad ones? Does what I want to do sound stupid? Any help would be appreciated.
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    I think it would depend how you wanted to sort it.

    If you wanted to hand pick it by like PR or something that would be tough.

    If you want to just sort by one of the pre-defined metrics on there like "Successful Signup" or "Successful Posted" then you would just need to create a new directory group.

    For example if you wanted to say get a list of all successful signups, I would just run through the whole list. When it's done uncheck everything except "Ok" on "Status" and "Yes, No, Fail" under Submitted. Click Refresh.

    Then once it refreshed you would only have the directories you were able to sign up to.

    Highlight it all and right click and select "directory groups" => "create group". Then name it watever you want.

    Then you would have to right click again and then go "directory group" => "add to group".

    Then the next time you wanted to roll through signups just select the pre-defined group, click refresh and you are good to go.

    I think that's what you are asking, if not I just wasted a bunch of time writing lol.