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    Okay, so a month ago, I started doing a dating CPA offer that was $3.5 per US lead. Since I was new to this, I was doing it all manually. I was responding back to each e-mail, copy and paste. I was making about $200 a day and only doing about 3 hours of work. So I decided to invest this month in an auto-responder, thinking this would make this near 100% automated. So I set up my auto-responder, tested it out several times. It appears to be working. I would get my test emails about 20 minutes after the initial email. And the follow up email about a half hour after that. Anyhow, since I started using the AR I am no longer getting remotely the amount of leads. It's literally dropped about 90%. Yesterday, I had 6 leads,even though I had about 800 e-mails. I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. I am using the same template that I used manually. I am also using Yahoo small business email so I can avoid their spam issues. I have noticed though, there is not a lot of emails going out in my SMTP tab but lots coming in my POP3 tab. But when I test it, I get the e-mails. So I'm not sure what it's doing. The only filters I have set are not to reply to Craigslist and noreply emails. Also, I am using Black Hat Auto-Responder.

    So..any suggestions?