I need reliable CPA companies that can give me incentivized offers. LOTS of them.

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    Jan 12, 2014
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    I am going to be launching a company soon which will be used by anywhere from 1-100m people.

    I need someone who can provide a TON of CPA offers that pay out anywhere from 5-15+ cents each.

    They need to:

    1. Not look spammy.
    2. Preferably be able to customize the page that you get redirected to for each offer to an extent.
    3. Need to have a good amount. We don't want to work with a ton of companies. Please make sure you can carry the weight.

    All of my traffic will be 100% genuine users, but they ARE incentivized. They will only be US, Canada, the UK & Australia demographics.

    Let me know if we can work together. PM me your Skype.

    If you have no rep or are not reliable, please don't hit me up.