I need qualified Poster ..!! I have CLAD, SPINVOX, IP'S ROTATES, TONS OF ADS, PHONE #'s...

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    May 24, 2011
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    Ok. So we have CLAD for our Real Estate Company. We paid for someone to set it up. It now reverifies phone numbers automatically (we have lots of numbers). Also we can rotate IP within 10 seconds. I just don't have any time to monitor this software and load all the content into it ect. We are looking to hire a permanent poster. Ideal, we would like 150 ads up per day (everyday).
    We would be willing to pay $500+ plus per week, in fact we can pay $1000 per week for 300 ads per day.

    We have hundreds of ads and I can make hundreds more if needed. Please contact me if you can do this. I do not want someone who has to go though a learning curve. *MUST BE CLAD EXPERT FROM THE START !!!

    My SKYPE IS: iMarkTodd