I need people to help me verify a scam

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    Jim Roberts/greensmyle scam one guy that I know.

    At that time I didn't know which one is the scammer. It's he said she said kind of problem.

    So I told the victim to make a thread in BHW lounge. It should have been in the shit list You can pm me about the location of the thread.

    The victim made a thread after almost a month trying to resolve this peacefully, perhaps more.

    Curiously, while jim roberts has been a member in this forum for a long time, his post count is only 19. Looks like somebody deleted his posts, perhaps because he scammed others too.

    I need to be VERY SURE, that the jim roberts is indeed a scammer. I also need everyone to know that we are justified doing this because he is indeed a scammer. That it's not just some unfounded accusation.

    I have told Jim Roberts about the thread. He is aware of the thread. He told his victim complaining about the thread (which is highly unethical because the victim wouldn't have created the thread if he returned the $750 quickly)

    Perhaps one witness is not enough. I need you (or a mod) to be a witness. Why don't you PM jim roberts, or greensmyle, about the thread. That way we all know that
    1. Greensmyle knows about the thread.
    2. If he's not a scammer, he would simply defend himself in the thread. He doesn't bother responding.
    3. Hence greensmyle, ak, jim roberts, is indeed a scammer.

    I would like to tell my other friends to just ruin his life. I hope things don't have to go that far.

    Please tell greensmyle about the thread. Perhaps if he knows many people are aware of the issue he chooses to pay. It won't help if he is indeed a scammer and determined to run away with the money. However, it'll ensure that we solve this as fairly and as peacefully as possible.

    Until today greensmyle chose not to respond to the thread. If he think he did nothing wrong why shouldn't he? I don't want him to ignore this thread and months latter complain saying he never knew there is a thread.
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