I Need Payoneer Alternatives !!!


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Sep 24, 2016
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Hello BHW, I need to find payoneer alternatives to receive payments, i need full bank account settings like payoner not only prepaid card
Why don't you give a try with SKRILL ? If it's available in your country.
i need USA or EUROPE bank account but i live in GEORGIA (country) and so far can't find alternatives to PAYONEER, none of others have swift code or routing numbers only debit cards :(
I'm also interested , waiting for someone come to help
Paxum is the other one everyone uses other than payoneer
Try ecoin.cc they have debit card and you can receive wire transfer.
There are US solutions, though they require SSN to be provided.
thank you guys for replies but i found person who lives in usa and have account there, best solution is to leave virtual world and use real world, that's really works :D
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