I need participants for a beta test for a web based Instagram autoliker/follower.

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    Oct 10, 2013
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    I'm currently designing a website to follow/unfollow and like based on tags. The new Instagram limits are at 100 likes/hr and 60 follow/hr. I've created a site that will auto pause once these limits have been reached, then restart. You do not have to give you're Instagram login info, it's all done through Instagram. My goal here is to be safe and market towards businesses who want to advertise through Instagram.

    It's fairly simple right now, and it has been successful for me for a few days, I've gained many followers.

    I need about 10-20 people who wouldn't mind running this and pointing out any bugs and/or giving suggestions. It's not quite ready yet but will be in a few days. It is credit based, so 1 credit = 1 like, follow, or unfollow. I will provide 5-10 thousand credits to those who want to help me work out the bugs. If you find a bug or give a worthwhile suggestion, I'll have no problem giving out more credits.

    If your interested please respond with your Instagram name, and I will add credits for you. I'm hoping to launch the test by Tuesday or Wednesday.