I need Movie niche Product for my Site..Traffic 1 lakh Monthly ?


Dec 14, 2012
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I have a Blog site which is Movie niche.Minimum 1 lakh visitor visit this site Monthly.I need suggestion using affiliate.Can you tell me what can i use for this Site ?But Paypal not supported My country.Please suggest me.I need movie niche product..
try cpa offers the movie niche convert well and also you can withraw other than paypal. look at affpaying.
For those who don't know: 1 lakh = 1,00,000

@OP: are these visitors from the major English speaking countires?
yep..Maximum of my visitor came from europian countries...some are indian
You can try netflix trial offers.

If you are not part of a few CPA network, PM me. I can get you a few CPA movie related offers.
are you sure you have 1 million visitor per month? thats kinda good. you can try adsense. its easy.
CashMyLinks content locker converts great with movies, you should try it.
I have sent you the message regarding your post. If you are interested you can get me back..
Yes Try Some Cpa Content Lockers..........:)

@OP-Mate I Think You Should Change I Lakh To 1,00,000.Because Only Indians Will Understand This Numeric System And I Am Afraid Of The Others.
Just My Word.........
I would suggest trying Affiliatebuzz.com :)
recchi82 (skype)
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