I Need More Clicks!


Mar 17, 2009
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Hi Guys,

I am running a CPA campaign and don't want to raise any red flags. How do I send more clicks to a campaign in an effort to lower the conversion rate?

So how much would buying traffic cost?

Lets say 100 a day
Join one of those autosurf sites (do it from some old computer u dont mind getting malware on) and send people to your aff links... if they don't allow it then just redirect or iframe the offer on the domain...

this is free and you'll get thousands of "clicks" .. search for autosurf traffic on the forum there are some very informative threads on it
If you need a few instant clicks I've popped link on to Redditt.com n that usually gets afew if you come up with an interesting title. If not then Clixncash is a good option.
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