I need lead generation $1000 a month budget

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    Apr 2, 2009
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    I need leads. I have a $1000 a month budget for this.

    The ideal lead should meet these requirements:

    27-72 years old
    Major credit card
    Married couples or living together
    50K + per year

    I need one of two types of leads.

    1) Massive amounts of leads that meet the above requirements


    2) People willing to visit Myrtle Beach SC and stay at the Marriot for $169 a night instead of the regular rate of $400 and willing to listen to a timeshare pitch.

    I have to pitch my leads to a potential client by 6:00 EST today.

    If you could provide a few samples to help close the deal that would be appreciated.

    Any information on how the leads are generated so that I could pitch the idea would help.

    I am not looking to generate the leads myself I am looking to have you generate as many leads that meet the above requirements. And I need as many as possible for $1000 a month.

    Contact me back ASAP

    We can talk on the phone after you PM me if you like.
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    May 21, 2009
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    Your best bet. Contact a shady mortgage broker. Tell him to send you their old leads. They can narrow it down and fit the bill.
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    can provide .. hit me a pm