I Need Increased Views, Comments, and Ratings on Youtube

May 9, 2008
I'm expanding my youtube presence and I'm going to need some people to help me increase views, ratings, and comments. I would prefer someone who is experienced, because I do not want to take a chance of having my videos deleted or my accounts banned. You must be able to provide some sort of proof of your work and it would be great if you could get a video to the top of the searches fairly quickly.

If you feel like you could do the job and would like to talk a little more about it, let me know here.

I am interested in purchasing these services as well. If anyone has them available please PM me.


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If you want, I'll be glad to leave me tube increaser open for as many views as you like for you.
You will pay me only AFTER I've completed the task.

How much would you like to pay for that kind of service?

I have the Tube Incraser i'll give you 2,000 channel views or video views for $10 via paypal.

EDIT: i could have it run all day giving you max 5,000 views a day (since more then 5,000) is usually a bot.
2k views for $10. dang.

@CLmaster, go to dp. you'll find that there are a lot of people doing this type of service.
2k views for $10. dang.

@CLmaster, go to dp. you'll find that there are a lot of people doing this type of service.

Thanks for the tip. However, I don't even open DP's website. I just don't like anything over there and don't want to hire any of them. I'm sure I'll get a few that will at least run tube increaser for me.

@amit - I would be willing to talk a little. PM me and maybe we can come up with something that's fair.

@xmyth - $10 for 2k views? I'll pass on that. You're not doing any work except hitting start and 2k views isn't going to get me anywhere.
so what are you looking @ 50k? 100k?

Well, if you could handle that, it would be ideal. As long as it's well hidden behind proxies, etc. However, if people aren't experienced with getting views, I'd like to have them at least run tube increaser for me throughout the day in the background.
i could do it i just want to know your rates anything over 10,000 takes hours to finish Plus you have to wait 3 - 4 hours for results.
Ok tube increaser views. I can get them to your video easily. My rates are 10k views for 3$. If you order 100k views the price is 25$. Turnaround time is usually 15k views a day, sometimes more sometimes less. For a bigger price i can get 40k a day but that is risky.
Feel free to pm me.
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