I need idea - I want to publish blog on my website but don't want to cache until i complet

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    Hi Everyone,

    I want to publish blog on my website but don't want to cache until i complete that one.

    Until i complete i need users can read that post. Only the main thing i don't want cached by Google.

    Any code is their to do this ?
    Will robot.txt can use here ? If yes, how ?
    Any other way ?
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    Two ways you can do this.

    When you're installing wordpress, one of the questions it asks you is if you want search engines to access your site. You select no. It then inserts noindex and nofollows on everything, and when you post it doesn't ping your posts. Later on you can turn it back on in the admin panel.

    Second way of doing it (what I usually like to do), I'll trick my computer into thinking my website is right on my computer. I do this by editing c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file and adding website.com, next line www.website.com ... that tells my computer that this website is actually located on my own computer. I proceed to develop it there (and do it using the actual domain). Later on when its finished, I'll upload the website, forward the DNS ... delete the 2 lines from my hosts file, and its live.