I need help to send some mails to list of 100k emails by today!

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    I have little idea how to get quick money, but I am limited in technical skills and instruments. I have base of 100k specific mails, and I need to send to this mails some info by today. After some days I need to repeat procedure, after another some days I will need do this again. all time I need to do this staff is time after time during 10-15 days. I can't pay any money right now because I am not ready to risky with my own money before I get results. But I ready to split my earnings 60/40. If everything will be ok, this will bring more than $1k for each.

    PM for details if you need!
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    Hello Mate,

    I can send up to 500K emails every 24 hours using my own hybrid servers.. So if you want to send those 100K emails through my own server, what offers do we need to send for them? Are those leads are harvested or scrape? Are your'e your leads or email are targeted?

    Please let me know this asap.. i can blast them in just 1 or 2 hours..
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